Foundation scripture…

Isaiah 43 v 21… This people I have formed for myself they shall shew forth my praise…

In December 1992, Elder John Francis (as he was known then), took a gigantic leap of faith and formed the Christian organisation, Ruach Ministries, now Ruach City Church, in Brixton, South London. It began with 18 people worshipping in Carlton Halls in Bernays Grove situated behind Morleys in Brixton. It became a registered charity in May 1995. It now has over 7,000 people in regular attendance across its three locations. It is widely recognised as one of the largest and fastest growing churches in the UK with good standing in its local community. Ruach City Church also has   increasingly, a considerable international reputation, particularly through Bishop Francis broadcast ministry, ‘Order My Steps’.

Ruach Ministries, now Ruach City Church, has received numerous awards from the community including, but not limited to:- 2003 Windrush Award “Outstanding Community Service”, 1998 Faith Academy of Christian Education “Minister of Excellence Award”, 2003 National Social Justice Champion Award for “Outstanding Commitment & Contribution to Social Action”, and 2005 Lambeth Civic Award in recognition of “developing links with Brixton Police and Politicians, to improve race relations between the community and the police” & 2006 Oasis Award for Church of the Year.

From the outset, an area in which the fledgling church distinguished itself was in ‘street’ ministry. Not only was Elder Francis and his 18 congregants consistent in their witnessing outside Brixton tube station, they literally brought the church to the community by holding open-air services outside the local department store, Morley’s. Indeed, the vibrancy and enthusiasm of their worship literally brought the centre of Brixton to a standstill.

The regular open-air services proved to be very successful. The church grew at a phenomenal rate and in the period of one month, the congregation was such that for most Sundays, it was standing-room only. This fact dictated that it was time to find suitable accommodation.

The ministry went through a period where there was a quick succession of acquiring and leasing buildings; Brixton Town Hall, the Brix Theatre and St Matthews Church, St Martins-In-The-Field School, Clapham Youth Centre amongst others. These were only short-term sites as the ministry rapidly outgrew buildings as scores of people were getting saved on a weekly basis.

In December 1996, Ruach City Church embarked on another chapter in its history with the purchase of its first building, a former warehouse situated at 122 Brixton Hill, which is now known as the Brixton Location.

In December 2007, Ruach City Church purchased their second building, the Gaumont State Theatre at 197 – 199 Kilburn High Road and became One Church in Two Locations.

In December 2010, Ruach City Church leased their third building on Greanleaf Road in Walthamstow and became One Church in Three Locations.

One church in 3 locations – What do we mean? – In a nutshell, we are simply bringing the church closer to the people. So, we are One Church, Having One Vision and as we embark on the next 20 years, we aim to fulfil God’s vision for Ruach City Church showing forth His praise and His glory in all that we do.

In 2011, Ruach City Church purchased 23+ acres of land in Norbury and are looking forward to realising their vision to build a complex on the site. Visit the RCC Website for more information and progress update.

Ruach City Church is a registered charity. Charity Number: 1046218