Social Care

The Social Care Ministry Section is set up to bring relief, offer advice, practical support and assistance to the Partners of Ruach Ministries facing life challenges who feel unsupported or ignored by the usual channels of community support. This section offers, where possible, tangible support and assistant at times of difficulty, crisis or “crossroads” situations. Our staff aim to combine a very professional approach with tact and sensitivity maintaining confidentiality, within appropriate guidelines. Our section provides a practical contribution to balance the spiritual working towards the premise of serving the “whole” man – body, soul and spirit in keeping with 1 Corinthians 12 vs 25-27.

The motto for the Social Care Ministry section is

“I Care – You Care – We Care”

The Social Care Ministry Section consists of the following teams:


Professional Counselling

Hospital and Home Visit Team

Hearing Impaired Team

Community Relations and Advisory Committee (CRAC)