Ruach Complex

We have a vision to build a city. With this in mind, we aim to build a city complex to house and facilitate the various departments/ministry teams and community initiatives of Ruach City Church, to include the following:

  • An auditorium to seat 10,000 people
  • An Academy (Secondary School)
  • Ruach City Bible Institute
  • Education Centre for mature students.
  • A Rehabilitation Centre, providing accommodation and a Drop-In Centre for day-to-day support in the form of counselling and teaching programmes and group meetings designed for those suffering from drug and alcohol addiction and to prepare them for independent living
  • A Media-Centre for our TV and 24-hour Christian Radio Station
  • A Supermarket to provide employment for those who are considered unemployable by the community e.g. Ex-offenders, etc.
  • Senior Citizen Home and Club
  • To advise and encourage partners starting small businesses through our business forum
  • To establish and empower upcoming, like minded ministries all over the world, to continue to promote the Gospel in an effective way.

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